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Age Summum

Age Summum

Guinot’s Age Summum Treatment is an anti-ageing treatment which¬† regenerates, firms and restores the skin’s radiance. Dermabrasion exfoliating cream resurfaces the skin and eliminates dead skin cells, followed by a powerful Vitamin C enriched anti-ageing serum to stimulate cell rejuvenation. Treatment is an alternative to plastic surgery, treating wrinkles fines lines, lose of firmness and lack of radiance. The main active ingredients are: Hyaluronic acid, Cellular life complex with 56 active biological ingredients, Hydrolysed DNA, Pro-Oxygen and Bio-peptide, Stabilised Vitamin C, Pro-Collagen Dinalift, and Hydroctite.


Health benefits:

Cosmetic benefits:

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Products that enhance your Age Summum treatment.

Creme Age Summum

This fantastic cream helps to restore the skin's defences against the effects of ageing, while firming, toning and improving the appearance of the skin. Use daily morning and night. The Key ingredients an Immune complex - an amino acid derivative which protects cells, specifically protector cells of the skin's immune system and youthful appearance. ATP-Actinergie- Stores and delivers essential energy for younger looking skin. Cellular Life Complex - supplies the elements required for healthy regeneration of the skin. Vitamin C - anti-ageing radicals and brightening.

Brume Hydra Beaute Mist

A continuous source of moisture that refreshes and revitalises the skin. Skin will be soft, supple and glowing after each use. Key ingredients are Hydrocyte Complex (Hyaluronic Acid), contains active ingredients that binds water to the skin and helps to prevent it from evaporating. Trace Elements of Cooper, Magnesium, Zine and Green Tea help to revitalise the skin.

Creme Age Logic

The formula minimises wrinkles and fine lines. Helps to firm and increase radiance. Use morning and night. Key ingredients ATP - stores essential energy for younger looking skin. Actinergie - increase oxygenation in the skin. Vitamins C & E - brightening, anti-free radicals and antioxidants. Anti-Glycation Agent - combats glycation phenomenon. 56 Active Ingredients - supplies the elements required for healthy regeneration of the skin.

Guinot's Age Summum Treatment $150