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E<> Light facial treatments are very flexible and effective. 
The way it works is Elight uses IpL broad light wave photo shot  with a radio frequency, which allows more penetration of the treatment shot. IpL is a very effective treatment but sometimes depending on the type of area, skin type and condition in the past the machinery intensity needed to be reduced in order to prevent uncomfortable treatments and side effects. This tends to elongate the treatment process making it a much more tiresome process.
Think about each treatment Technology separately.  IPL Light will reflect off brighter surfaces and be absorbed into deeper or darker surfaces. So if the skin is dark surrounding the target area, a large percentage of the light will be absorbed by the surrounding tissue rather than the target area, this makes the treatment less effective. The solution may be to turn up the intensity of the machine which may damage healthy tissue. This is where  ELight treatments greatly assists, if the  IPL light cannot reach the target or simply the surface, radio waves penetrate to correct the problem. This makes the treatment safer, rapid  and more effective.

Conditions that benefit from the E-Light treatment process

Sun spots


Reduction in fine lines

Reduction in wrinkles

Scar Reduction

Acne Reduction

Reduction in pore size

Reduction in Pigmentation

Reduction in Redness

Reduction in White, Red, and Grey hairs

(e) Light Skin Rejuvenation
$10 single shot Full face $150