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What is Electrolysis?

Electrolysis hair removal Diagram Sensational beauty Clinic

Electrolysis is a form of permanent hair removal. The process uses a needle that emits heat via an electric current directly into the hair follicle and thus destroying the follicle and its ability to regrow or support new hair growth. One of electrolysis best strengths is it is not reliant on any contrast between the hair and skin to work and therefore is suitable for all skin types and hair colour, also the needle allows access to nearly all parts of the body. The Sensational Beauty Therapists are highly trained and skilled to deliver you the best possible outcomes. All the Sensational beauty Electrolysis machines are fully calibrated and adjusted to suit both your comfort and you targeted hair removal goals. 

Different types of electrolysis Machines

There are 3 types of electrolysis machines.
1/ Thermolysis
2/ Galvanic
3 Blend

This type of Electrolysis machine emits a high frequency current to the hair follicle which in turn irritates the water molecules surrounding the base of the hair, heat is produced and the heat thickens the fluid into a mass destroying the target cell tissue.
Galvanic Electrolysis machines use a chemical reaction to destroy the hair follicle, this is brought about by again using electrical current, as the needle is inserted into the hair follicle a small electrical charge is administered. This charge reacts with the saline found at the base of the hair follicle which produces a sodium hydroxide (know as Lye). This natural chemical acts to destroy the cells around it, to effectively permanently disable the follicle and prevent hair from re-growing. The chemical continues to work for a period of time after the needle is removed.
Blend Electrolysis machines uses a combination of thermolysis and galvanic technologies, which utilises a double action method. The Galvanic current produces the acidic Lye, whilst the High Frequency current vibrates and heats. As the heat rises the caustic strength increases even further.

Sensational Beauty incorporates the Blend electrolysis technology to maximize both your hair removal goals and the most time-efficient practices.

Electrolysis hair removal is suitable for all hair and skin types

Skin Type I

Skin Type II

Skin Type III

Skin Type IV

Skin Type V

Skin Type VI

Electrolysis Charges
10 minutes $25
Minimum Charge $20
After 10 minutes $2 per minute.