Eye Logic

Eye logic

Guinot’s Eye logic Treatment
Is a treatment that focuses on the fragile eye area. It’s key principle benefits are to combat puffiness, reduce shadows and bags, minimises the appearance of dark circles. and to hydrate the sensitive skin surrounding the eyes. The treatment incorporates a Eye Serum that achieves penetration via a Hydradermie Galvanic Appliance together with an exclusive eye massage. This Dual process gently drains puffiness, decongests dark circles, smooths away feet and frown lines.
The exclusive eye mask has firming active ingredients, that create an instant eye lifting effect.

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Health benefits:

  • 2Artboard 1G logo green Stimulates detoxification around the eyes
  • 2Artboard 1G logo green Enhances Micro-circulation
  • 2Artboard 1G logo green Relieves Puffiness
  • 2Artboard 1G logo green Rejuvenates the eyelid areas
  • 2Artboard 1G logo green Drains and firms tissue surrounding the eye

Cosmetic Benefits:

  • 2Artboard 1G logo green Stimulates and contracts sub-cutaneous muscles
  • 2Artboard 1G logo green Reduces Shadows and Bags
  • 2Artboard 1G logo green Fine lines and wrinkles reduced
  • 2Artboard 1G logo green Crows feet smoothed
  • 2Artboard 1G logo green Puffiness reduced
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Products that enhance your Eye logic treatment.

Time logic Eye Cream

This formula regenerates firms and tightens skin around the eyes, restores essential energy for younger looking skin and increases oxygen in the skin. Ingredients - Actinergie increases oxygen in the skin, Marfane extract firms the skin and 56 active ingredients supplies the elements for regeneration of the skin.

Hydrazone Eye cream

Long lasting moisturiser for the eye area, minimising wrinkles caused by dry dehydrated skin. The compound contains Shea Butter fatty acids provides a nourishing and moisturising effect, Vitamin E anti-free radical and antioxidant properties and Hydrocyte complex intensely moisturises the skin.

Eye Fresh Cream

The refreshing eye cream reduces puffiness, shadows and dark circles. Ingredients. Veinofresh combats dark circles, Caffeine reduces puffiness, Horse chestnut extract also reduces puffiness, and Hydrocyte intensely moisturises the skin.

Guinot's Eye Logic Treatment $110