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Welcome to

Sensational Beauty

Getting to Know Us!

Welcome to Sensational Beauty

Everyone wants to look and feel sensational,
that’s our goal we strive to help you look and feel that way. There are many treatments that owner operator Marcia Lai can help you with. The Website is both informative and designed to help you locate your treatment and / or product quickly.
The menu bar contains the contact phone numbers and is divided into three main categories:


Skin Treatments

Hair Removal

Other Treatments

These three main areas also have quick selection sections to aid in convenient choices.

Contained in the Other Treatments  area  there are treatments such as Spray on tans, Teeth whitening, Manicures/Pedicures, Swedish Massage and Sensational products. Also for your convenience there is a Sensational quick button  located at the bottom of every page to save you scrolling back to the MENU to make other choices. We hope that your treatments are both enriching and give you a real boost in the way you look and feel. We welcome both men and  women, all treatments and consultations are private and confidential, so give us a call and let’s begin your look and feel Sensational Journey.

Who is Sensational Beauty?

Marcia Lai

Marcia Lia is the owner operator of Sensational Beauty. Marcia has a background in Medicine and decided in 1994 that her passion was health, wellbeing and looking great. So she wondered how she could use her degree as a medical doctor to benefit others. The answer was to become a Beauty Therapist. So after exhausting research she found a very reputable and highly regarded College right here in Collins Street Melbourne > The Elly Lukas Beauty Therapy Training College. She immediately enrolled and completed her training in 1996. At the Celebration event at the conclusion of the course she was presented with 3 Awards.

The Excellence on Biology Award.

Associate Diploma of Health and Science.

The prestigious overall best student of the year the Dux Award.


Award for Excellence in Biology

Associate Diploma of Health and Science

Award for Excellence Dux Award

Experience and Skills

After qualifying, Marcia went on to work in numerous Salons in the inner suburbs of Melbourne and ended up working and managing a Beauty Salon in Greensborough, the famous Tom Lane Pharmacy. Later in the year of 1999 she then decided to open her own business, hence the conception of Sensational Beauty. Since then her skills have escalated and she was determined to reach excellence in all areas of the beauty industry, developing precise, consistent and time efficient practices.


Her Beauty Salon located at 760 High Street Thornbury was opened late 2008 and has since been operating at this location to the present day.


Equipment and technology

Tools are a vital part of a business as well as understanding current client needs and comfort. The tools, equipment and training a top grade to insure that you the client recieve the most time efficient, comfortable and very satisfying results. Because each individual has an unique skin colour, hair care and different sensitivities depending on the area/s to be treated, the equipment and tools coupled with a skilled Therapist is vital.
Sensational beauty go to exhausting lengths to research and evolve with technological changes. For example not to many years ago if a person wanted permanent hair removal or specialised skin treatments if they had a derker complexion many treatments were unsuitable due to the risks of burns and injury. Thankfully the technology has improved, and so has the results now not only better but the actual treatments are more comfortable. At Sensational beauty the Therapist/s will consult with you on a personal level and will give you advise on which machinery and technology should be implemented depending on the treatment and the required result. One of the key benefits of implementing accurate and precise machinery is that all machines can be finely tuned and calibrated to suit an individuals requirements.

All the settings Sensational machines can be adjusted to maximise comfort and effective treatments.
As well as the intensity of machine being adjustable, all machines can be tailed to a particular skin, hair type and treatment target area.

Sensational IPL treatment
Sensational VpL

Sensational Products

 Sensational Beauty prides itself by using world leading tried and tested products to obtain fantastic results.

Salon Hours
Monday to Friday
9am to 9pm
9am to 6pm
Sunday Public holidays
By Appointment
Have a Sensational day