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Hair removal solutions at sensational beauty a just a click or phone call away. Nobody likes unsightly hair, it can cause embarrassment, and removing hair can be both time consuming and frustrating. Both Men and Women these days want to look and feel great, especially whilst at work, at home and/or enjoying recreational activities. Thankfully Sensational beauty offers 5 hair removal options, each hair removal method has its different advantages depending on your own personal hair removal goals.

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Understanding your own hair removal goals

Once you have decided to undertake your journey to remove your unwanted hair/s, it is important to realise that it isn’t a one visit fix. 
We all have different requirements, skin colour, hair colour, hormonal changes and different sensitivities. This is where you need advice on which hair removal technique you choose, to maximise the effect and avoid disappointments. Embarking on a particular type of hair removal technique can not only lead to disappointment but also can cause harm.

It is important to discuss your requirements with your skilled therapist to advise you on why or why not a particular technique will be suitable. If you are determined and prepared to take on the correct advise you will be rewarded.
Below there is some information which is important to understand so you will feel more at ease with your choice of hair removal technique.

Understanding Hair growth cycles

Understanding the Hair Growth Cycle assists hair removal objectives and reduces frustration. When embarking on your hair removal journey, it is important to understand that Hair goes through different Phases of life.  At the Anagen Stage or (Growth Phase)  is when the hair is connected to the follicle (The Papilla), hair removal is very effective in this Phase. The reason for this is the Papilla (Hair follicle)  supples nutrition and nourishment to the growing hair via the blood supply. If the hair follicle is damaged the hair removal or reduction process will be achieved. The difficulty is that all hairs are not all in the Anagen stage at the same moment, so it is important to realise that one treatment will not cease hair growth,  if you are determined to eliminate hair growth it will require further treatments to reach your targeted hair removal goals. Talk to your Therapist about synchronising your treatments to achieve the best possible outcomes

Stage 1 Anagen

The Active Growth stage, This phase is the first part of the hair cycle and lasts between 2 to 6 years. During this phase, cells of the bulb divide rapidly resulting in new hair growth. 80 to 90% of hair follicles are in the Anagen Phase at any given time.

Stage 2 Catagen

The Transitional stage. This phase only lasts 2 to 3 weeks. During this phase the hair stops growing and detaches itself from the blood supply. The hair becomes what known as club hair.

Stage 3 Telogen

The Resting stage. This phase  lasts 3 to 5  months. The club hair rests while a new hair grows beneath it. The new hair eventually takes the place of the club hair. 10 to 15% of all hairs are in the Telogen phase at any one time.

Stage 4 Exogen

The Shedding stage. This is the last phase of the hair cycle. During this phase, the resting club hair detaches and falls out allowing the new hair to surface.

Natural Hair colour differences

Natural Hair colours

Hair colour is an important consideration when deciding on which hair removal process you wish to undertake, i.e. Grey will not respond to permanent hair removal unless the Electrolysis method is implemented. The reason for this white (or Grey) hair reflects light and therefore will not be effective. Electrolysis uses a needle alongside the hair to reach the hair follicle, whereas IPL and VPL uses the hair to transport light to the destroy the hair follicle. Deeper darker hairs surrounded by a light complexion respond very well to VpL and IPL. Lasers are suitable for most hair colours with the exception of Grey hairs. Waxing can be performed on all hair colour types. Lasers IPL and VPL machines have improved remarkably in recent years making them  much more flexible to hair and skin colour differences, they excellent for treating large areas.

Understanding your own skin type

Skin type is a very important consideration when undertaking hair removal choices. Waxing is a great time efficient form of hair removal but although waxing reduces the thickness of hair it is not regarded as a permanent hair removal option. Electrolysis is a permanent hair removal option and is not reliant on either skin or hair colour, the process uses a fine needle inserted alongside the hair to effect the hair follicle it is very suited to fine precise hair removal practices. Laser IPL and VPL are permanent hair removal practices and use the hair to take heat to the follicle via a light (Laser) fine narrow beam of light or VPL/IPL broad spectrum of light. Thankfully these machines have improved incredibly in recent years making them both safer and more customisable to suit an individuals skin and hair type. With fairer complexion individuals the skin will not absorb very much light so fairer complexions are less likely to suffer burns or injuries, whereas deeper complexion individuals the skin will tend to absorb much more light. Thankfully VPL, IPL  and LASERS can now be calibrated to suit hair colour, skin colour and skin sensitivity of each individuals application. This makes large areas of hair removal more achievable. It is important to discuss with your therapist your hair removal objectives, so the correct practice can be implemented to maximise your comfort and targeted hair removal goals.

Fitzpatricks Skin Scale

When undergoing any hair removal process it is important to discuss with your therapist your hair removal objectives and your suitability of a particular hair removal process based on your Hair colour, Skin type  and Skin sensitivity to reduce the risks of skin damage and facilitate a more comfortable hair removal experience.