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Hydradermie Plus

Hydradermie Plus

Guinot’s Hydradermie plus treatment,
This is one of the most advanced beauty salon treatments for maintaining a healthy complexion. This exceptional treatment is designed to restore the skins natural beauty, by using a combination of prescriptive Gels and a Gentle Galvanic  High frequency device. Hydradermie plus is unique and boosts immediate and lasting results with the added benefit of toning the skin, the treatment can also be customized for a particular skin type and condition. It’s primary function is to deeply cleanse, oxygenate and stimulate cellular renewal. The Hydradermie plus treatment is famous for it’s benefits in improving hydration in dry skin, reduction in sebum levels in oily skin and reducing wrinkle depth. The revolutionary treatment is plant based designed to optimise skin health, and is suitable for all skin types.

Health benefits:

Cosmetic Benefits:

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Products that enhance your Hydradermie Plus treatment.


Moisturising Cream designed to treat thirsty damaged skin. Hydrozone's innovative composition reverses existing damage and performs a protective layer on the skin to prevent further damage.


A rich face cream that restores hydration, firms skin and leaves you with an even toned younger looking complexion, it stimulates a radiant vibrant glow and cellular turnover to lighten dark spots.​


This formula will help revitalise mature skin and visibly reduce wrinkles by reinforcing the elastic tissues that are responsible for premature ageing. It also regenerates moisture and comfort the skin.

Hydradermie Plus Treatment $125