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What is IpL hair removal?

IpL works by applying a broad spectrum of intense light to the surface of the skin which travels through the skin and contacts the hair shaft, it then travels down the hair shaft to the follicle. The heat produced by the light reaches the Papilla (the Bridge that links the blood flow to the hair) the heat produced by the IPL light  damages or destroys the Papilla resulting in permanent hair removal. It is important to note that all hairs on the body will be in different stages of the hair cycle, so it is important to realise that. if your hair removal goals are to remove all hairs further treatments will be required to catch those hairs at a later date that are currently outside the Anagen Phase.

The current technology machines at Sensational Beauty can be adjusted to a particular Pulse intensity,  skin type, hair type and target area of the body. This makes the treatment more comfortable and effective.
Blood and nutrition to hair from the body to the hair occurs through the Papilla 

IPL Hair Removal Is Incredibly

IPL hair removal can permanently reduce or eliminate hair growth in the treatment area. This hair removal procedure is most effective on dark and coarse hair. The light emitted by the Advanced IPL machine  penetrates deep within the skin, targeting melanin, and leaving surrounding tissue untouched. Once the light reaches the hair’s root, it heats the root and hair shaft, destroying the follicle, which is responsible for hair growth. IPL treatment also allows for hair removal on much larger areas of skin than electrolysis or other hair removal methods.

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The IPL Hair Removal Procedure Is Extremely Safe. 

Hair removal procedures are performed using the IPL machine, delivers short, intense bursts of broad spectrum light to the skin treatment area.


The Advanced IPL machine sends out scattered wavelengths of diffused light across the treatment area. Because the application of broad spectrum light is non-invasive, the procedure requires no anaesthesia, and does not cause bleeding. It is less  time consuming and risky than shaving your own hair.

Your Skilled Therapist can control the intensity, wavelength, skin type and required treatment area to individualise your Hair removal goals.

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