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Laser Hair Removal

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Laser Hair removal works via a laser beam, which is then converted to heat. The laser light is attracted to the pigment in the hair. The dark pigment absorbs this light and coverts the light into heat, this heat affects the hair pigment to prevent regrowth. The treatment needs to reach the follicle in order for the treatment to be successful, as the follicle is the source of blood supply, oxygen and nutrition to sustain growth. The laser temperature needs to be precise at a temperature of 70 degrees in order for it to be effective. The darker and thicker the hair is the more light it will absorb and therefore provide less resistance for the light to travel to the follicle. It is very important not to pluck hairs before a treatment as it presence is the only  way the laser light can reach the follicle. It is very important to note that because the laser light is attracted to darker skin types and hair colours, the skilled therapist must adjust the equipment accordingly to suit your particular hair, skin and treatment area to prevent skin damage and successful outcomes. Also fake tans or sun exposure will also be detrimental to the your treatments so discuss the preparation with your Therapist.

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Based on your particular skin type and the area you would like treated, the skilled therapist will fine tune the machinery to suit your hair removal objectives and level of comfort,

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Progressive hair removal

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