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Lift Summum

Lift Summum

Guinot’s Lift Summum Treatment
Faire Peau Neuve

Rejuvenate and firm the face with the Lift Summum Pro-Collagen treatment. Designed more than merely a “lifting” treatment, the Liftosome facial redefines, smoothes and re-densifies the skin. This lifting treatment also tightens the elastic fibers of the face which helps restore elasticity, tone, and texture. The Active ingredients produce a rapid spectacular improvement in the skin that is tired and dull. The skin will instantly look more youthful and supple.

The Pro-Collagen concentrate is applied. The natural marine collagen firms the skin while the skin is stabilized and soothed via a Vitamin C mask. The synthesis of collagen restores the skin’s elasticity and firmness deep down. Due to the special heating action. The unique Thermo-lift Face mask encourages the penetration of Pro-collagen concentrate which works in both to increase the skin’s firmness and tone the skin. The Anti-Age Serum is massaged into the face, neck and decollete’ in light strokes. Containing Biopeptides EL, CL and Vitamin A to help restore surface elasticity and minimize fine lines and wrinkles, the Serum Anti-Age smoothes skin and rejuvenates cells.


Health benefits:

Cosmetic Benefits:

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Products that enhance your Lift Summum treatment.

Liftosome serum

Liftosome Serum effectively combats signs of ageing and revitalises the face. The serum smooths fine lines and wrinkles while toning the skin looking and feeling younger and radiant. Pro-collagen (Hydrolysed Collagen and Alaria Esculenta extract) combats loss of tone and elasticity.

Hydra Cellulaire serum

Guinot's Hydra Cellulaire serum intensely replenishes and moisturises the skin. It provides quick in depth hydration to smooth and refine hydration lines, softening the skin to reveal its true radiance. The Serum delivers an intensive moisturiser at the heart of the epidermis with super concentrated super-captors, and works by infusing water directly into the cells for a super moisturising boost. One of the key ingredients is Hydro-plasme which fixes water durability at the core of cell structures.

Longue Vie serum

A rich face cream that restores hydration, firms skin and leaves you with a even toned younger looking complexion, it stimulates a radian vibrant glow and cellular turnover to lighten dark spots

Guinot's Lift Summum Treatment $135