Tap for oxygen facial benefits

 The Sensational Oxygen facial
Is a facial neck skin treatment that combats the visible signs of ageing which is primarily linked to poor conveyance  of oxygen from subcutaneous capillaries to the surface of the skin.  The Oxygen facial delivers highly concentrated oxygen to the skin, combined with Vitamins and minerals. The face and neck areas receive a nourishing treatment which results in a more younger, refreshed and plumper look. The procedure is a painless, no downtime, requires no post treatments and is  an all natural treatment.

Health benefits:

Improves Metabolism

Renews skin cells

Re-Hydrates the skin

Improves blood circulation

Eliminates bacteria that causes Acne pustules

Thoroughly cleanes the skin

The compound contains:

Pure Oxygen



Cosmetic Benefits:

Reduces wrinkles ans fine lines

Creates an instant Plumper look

Reveals a more even finer skin complexion

Lightens any hyper-pigmentation

Oxygen Facial $125