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VpL is a process of hair removal that is very safe and can treat broad areas of hair in one visit. The purpose of  a photo-thermal treatment (VPL) is to raise the temperature of the target area (in this case the hair) to a critical level in order to destroy it, whilst making sure that the surrounding tissue stays in good shape. The Hair needs to be heated to a 70 Degrees to destroy the bulb follicle while leaving the skin temperature under 50 Degrees, this can only be achieved with short bursts which allows the skin to cool between pulses, therefore the hair is heated but not the skin. So VpL not only protects the skin but also reduces client discomfort and the risk of unwanted side effects, this also allows a greater range of skin colourings to receive VpL Hair removal treatments.

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These machines can be both calibrated and tuned to the  skin and hair type.
This is a great advantage coupled with a skilled Therapist, the treatment depending on the area to be treated will vary in sensitivity,  and level of comfort. So in order to achieve a successful outcome/s the Therapist needs to be mindful of the comfort of both the position and intensity of the treatment. One misconception is that if the area is treated once that the hair will never grow. In order to halt or reduce hair regrowth, the hair needs to be treated at the Anagen or the Active Growth phase. So it is important that once you embark on your goal to reduce hair growth it requires other treatments to catch the hairs that are not in the Anagen phase at a later date.

VpL hair removal is most effective in the Anagen (Active Growth phase)
The Anagen Phase is when the hair is attached to the bulb
containing growth cells resulting in permanent hair reduction.

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